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Selectio wall panel

1300 NOK


are the most unique type of wall decoration and an original way to highlight the wall, making it a work of art in any interior. This panel is made from around 100 years old reclaimed spruce & pine tree mixed species wood with different length and color of the components, which are combined in beautiful article. Material obtained from old buildings once was created from trees that grew centuries ago. When our ancestors cut down and treated trees, they strictly abide by the laws of nature. That is why we are now able to offer you this wonderful product - historical timber! When it becomes part of the decorative panels on the walls, it allows us to plunge into the past repeatedly. To make it even more special consider adding a wall lights that highlights the surface of this panel and allows enjoying unforgettable game of the grey and brushed reclaimed wood tones created by sun in each component of the wall covering and simplify of the curtain shape of components.

• Made of solid reclaimed wood from clean environment
• The wood's natural tones and the simplify of the components create a vibrant surface
• Unique handmade product with natural surface without any finishes
• Fast and easy in handling
• Upon request available with FSC certification

• 1 m² 
• 14 pieces of tiles/panels 
• Size of one panel 720 x 100 mm



Width of panel 100 mm
Length of panel 720 mm
Thickness of panel 13 - 16 mm
Pack size 730 x 110 x 295 mm
Wood type
Wood type reclaimed wood