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Decorative acoustic panels suitable for any interior

Felt acoustic panels are products that are ideal for all kinds of rooms. The acoustic panels are versatile due to their classic colors. They work well in both modern and traditional interiors. Their modern design will allow you to create stunning arrangements, as well as fashionable partitions that will give you new space and privacy. It is worth noting that they are made of high-quality materials that have a high sound absorption coefficient, so they will be perfect for a home cinema room, a bedroom, a child's room, an office or public buildings and music studios.

Wooden acoustic panels are not only a decorative feature that wonderfully complements the design of any interior, giving it elegance, class and style. They are also used for soundproofing rooms. The panels have a construction of vertically arranged slats attached to felt. The slats are made of high-quality MDF material in many shades of oak, as well as universal white and black, so that the customer can choose according to their individual preferences. The slats are mounted 2cm apart on thick 8mm felt available in three colors (black, gray, beige). This is a very practical and functional solution, as it perfectly silences the room. Our offer includes felt acoustic panels with a height of 275cm and 3D panels measuring 60x60cm.