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Reclaimed wood is a current trend and we offer the best of it. Our range of products include planks with weathered surface, as well as hand-hewn boards from original hundred-year-old beams. Use reclaimed wood to cover external walls of a building or make design accents on walls and ceilings.


Weathered wood

The sun-burned planks with their unique tone will greatly compliment your living room, office, kitchen as well as restaurant wall and building facades.


Weathered brushed boards

Weathered wood with brushed surface have a pleasant, warm, brownish tone. As a result, they can be easily used in any spatial design - contemporary or classical, serving modern interior too. Planks can be used for interior walls and ceilings or for building facades.


Hand-hewn beam boards

These boards are sourced from hundred-years-old reclaimed construction beams. Each beam reflects the style of an ancient craftsmanship. Thanks to the unique visual appearance of these planks, they are quite popular in rustic interiors and also are greatly combined in modern interiors.