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An innovative decorating style that will transform your interior!
This modern way of beautifying a space has conquered the world in a very short time and has become a hit and an object of desire in the decorating industry. These are decorative acoustic panels in the form of wooden slats attached to felt (available in three colors) or black HDF board. The panels are ideal not only as a decoration for a wall or ceiling, but also as a great finish for furniture or even a free-standing wall. Those in need of silence and soundproofing their room will also find an additional use for our panels. The panels have acoustic properties, so you can use them as acoustic panels and dampen the noise surrounding your interior and unwanted distractions from outside.

Arranging your space without restrictions!
Our acoustic panels are made in two sizes, which you can use to create any design of your choice on your wall and give your space an elegant and very unusual look that will set your interior apart from others. With square-shaped 3D panels you can create exceptional geometric patterns and the effect is limited only by your creativity! Minimalist rooms in a modern style are an arrangement where wooden acoustic panels definitely work best, and will perfectly complement the composition of the room in which they are installed.