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Decorative slats are winning the hearts of even the most demanding lovers of modern yet practical interior decoration. No wonder, then, that they have taken the favour of specialists dictating the latest design trends by storm. From year to year, their popularity grows with the speed of light, hence introducing them into the interiors of houses, flats, office interiors or commercial facilities will be the proverbial bull's eye. By opting for wall louvres, we will be able to blend in with the hottest designer solutions and at the same time create a duo of elegance and functionality.

The wall slats in our range are not only characterised by their unique colours, but are also suitable for creating an aesthetically pleasing and elegant decoration of walls and ceilings. They can also be used to create an openwork wall that cannot be ignored. This is all thanks to the fact that we take care of the highest quality at every stage of the manufacture - we are the only company on the market to offer 4-sided lamination. The slats perfectly match any style - from the extremely fashionable Scandinavian, rustic, boho, glamour, art deco to the modern - loft style, to which they give cosiness and warmth. They can be introduced into the living room as well as the bedroom, hallway or space dedicated to children. In any interior, they will create an original decoration that is both elegant and practical. It is an excellent way to add an interesting decorative accent to a room, to give it a total metamorphosis or to divide it into zones.


MINI SLATS [16x30]