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When is it a good idea to opt for veneered acoustic panels?

Modern veneered acoustic panels are not only a way to improve your own comfort and quiet the room, but also a very fashionable accessory that will look great in any space. All of our proposals are made of environmentally friendly materials, and the advanced production process makes it possible to obtain a product of the highest quality, in which even the smallest detail has been taken into account. Acoustic panels will work well for people who appreciate functionality and originality and are always looking for the best solutions for both, the office and private home.


Acoustic panels for the bedroom - even better soundproofing

Our acoustic panels provide many design possibilities. They will work great in a bedroom, kitchen, or hallway. The innovative manufacturing process allows for even better acoustics, and the panels themselves are very easy to install, as they can be attached with glue directly to the wall. Veneered acoustic panels are a novelty in interior design. They are distinguished by slats made of black MDF and one-sided, non-oiled veneer, which brings an element of nature into the arrangement.


Veneered acoustic panels - beauty and functionality in one

By using proprietary solutions and materials of the highest quality, you gain a significant opportunity to minimize reverberation in your room. In addition, the high aesthetics of the product make it fit into any style and interior. It is a great choice for interiors regardless of their purpose or the style used. Surprisingly easy installation makes it an ideal solution for everyone!