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Wall slats - Concrete [30x40]

50 NOK / M

Wall slats are fashionable decorative mouldings that will find their way into any interior. They do a great job of decorating both walls and ceilings, so you retain full freedom in the arrangement of your home. Our products represent modern design, which goes hand in hand with durability and precision. You will find high-quality models made of materials resistant to moisture or mechanical damage, so with a clear conscience you can use them not only in the living room or bedroom, but also in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. What's more, they are perfectly formatted - they measure 2.75 high and you only need to cut them on one side before installation.

The concrete slats are an unconventional design that cannot be ignored. The original texture forms a harmonious duet with both light and dark walls, so you can easily match them to any interior, regardless of its style or size. The wooden slats in the version that perfectly imitates the colour and texture of concrete will complete the décor of austere lofts or let some freshness into more traditional buildings and rooms.

Color Concrete
Height 275 cm
Width 3 cm
Thickness 4 cm
Finishing 3D - 3-sided laminate
Application for the ceiling
for the wall
Weight 2.5 kg