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Wall slats - Anthracite [30x40]

50 NOK / M

Wall slats, or modern mouldings, are one of the biggest hits in interior decoration. They are characterised by simple forms, which do not mean boring. On the contrary, their minimalist character makes them suitable for any room, regardless of the style used. They can be installed in both small and spacious rooms to create a striking decoration on the wall or ceiling. The wooden decorative slats are also suitable for an openwork wall, which will bring order and tidiness to your home. The three-dimensional decoration will give your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom an urban flair.

The anthracite slats are a solution, which will bring a love of modern design and at the same time a nod to the classics. The dark colour of the slats will go perfectly with a light-coloured wall or ceiling, as the contrast will bring out their maximum design potential. They will work well in many styles, for example in spacious lofts or in Scandinavian atmospheres, where economy in accessories plays a prominent role.

Color Anthracite
Height 275 cm
Width 3 cm
Thickness 4 cm
Finishing 4D - 4-sided laminate
Application for the ceiling
for the wall
Weight 2.5 kg