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Strip between slats - black

Strip between the slats. Thanks to the installation of the cover strip, the distance between the slats will always be the same and you will cover up an uneven wall. The slats are flexible, so they will fit into any wall!


One wall with slats - many possibilities

Wall slats are emerging as a favorite among interior decorators for a very simple reason. They offer unlimited possibilities for wall design, and this is regardless of the chosen style. Vertical laths can create an unconventional decoration on the entire surface of the wall, but equally well they can be installed only on a selected part of it. This trick is a great idea for people who are looking for a simple arrangement of sensitive zones in the house (such as around stairs or windows), where any other material does not look as spectacular as decorative panels.


Wooden slats, thanks to their modern aesthetics, allow you to go wild with the design of walls in any room. They even work perfectly as a finish for the wall behind the TV in the living room or as an alternative to traditional bedroom headboards. Decorative vertical slats also work well in the hallway, as a background for coat hangers, and as a conventional border between the living room and kitchen.

 Product Details

Color Black matte
Height 275 cm
Width 3 cm
Thickness 4 mm
Application for the ceiling
for the wall