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HDF board panel - Wotan oak

750NOK + VAT

Wotan oak acoustic wall panels are characterized, above all, by high durability, workmanship with attention to detail, as well as simple installation on the wall or ceiling. HDF board acoustic panels made in the color of wotan oak are synonymous with good style, quality and considerable versatility, so they fit into almost any interior. Wotan oak is characterized by distinctive dark knots and a texture reminiscent of real wood. The decorative acoustic panels can be the main decorative element, but they also complement well with light as well as dark accents. The black HDF board, on which the slats are mounted, has soundproofing properties, so it is worth using the product, for example, in a bedroom, hallway or office, but - of course - you can install them in any room.


Color Wotan oak
Height 275 cm
Width 30 cm
Thickness 2 cm
Material HDF board
Finishing 4D - 4-sided laminate
Application for the ceiling
for the wall
Weight 7,5 kg 

Plate color: