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Wall slats - Sonoma oak [16x30]

40 NOK / M

Wooden slats are decorative mouldings that stand out for their modern design. They will work well in any interior, regardless of whether we are talking about austere lofts or Scandinavian minimalism. They look great as a wall decoration, but equally well can be attached to the ceiling, completing a fashionable arrangement. Our wall slats are perfectly formatted products - they measure 2,75m in height, and you only need to cut them on one side before installation. Sonoma oak slats combine a classic flair with modern design. The light shade of the wood and its unique texture make our vertical slats extremely versatile products. Moreover, simple forms make it easy to incorporate them into any interior, no matter what the style is. Our slats do an excellent job of decorating a room on their own, but you will achieve an equally spectacular visual effect when you attach them only to a selected section of the wall or ceiling. It is up to you to decide on their final character.


Color Sonoma oak
Height 275 cm
Width 3 cm
Thickness 1.6 cm
Finishing 4D - 4-sided laminate
Application for the ceiling
for the wall
Weight 1.2 kg