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Wall slats - Scandinavian gray [16x30]

40 NOK / M

The slats from the Mini collection are increasingly popular, primarily because of their small dimensions, which are 1.6 cm wide and 3 cm deep. As a result, they fit into any space and can be installed both on the wall or ceiling, and become part of a wall separating rooms or even a balustrade. The Mini slats in Scandinavian gray are laminated on all four sides, which significantly simplifies installation, which can be done with any side. On one hand, the shade of Scandinavian gray is subdued, on the other hand it is distinctive enough that the slats can play a major role in the whole arrangement, but also complement the other decorations.


Color Scandinavian gray
Height 275 cm
Width 3 cm
Thickness 1.6 cm
Finishing 4D - 4-sided laminate
Application for the ceiling
for the wall