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Wall slats - Brushed silver [30x40]

60 NOK / M

Decorative slats are a fashion accessory that is constantly growing in popularity. They are easy to install, you only need glue and a spacing device. The brushed silver wall slats are available in a size of 3x4x275 cm. There is no need to cut them, as you can decide the spacing yourself. They can be boldly attached to the wall with either the wider or narrower side. They are almost 3 metres long, which makes them suitable for high rooms. The universal color scheme makes them suitable for modern and loft-style interiors, but they will also fit in well with other arrangements. The wooden slats are laminated on four sides, so you have the possibility of assembling them in any variation. Before purchasing the set, you can order a set of samples to see if the pattern and size suits your openwork wall design. This innovative decoration is also successfully used for partition walls.

Color Brushed silver
Height 275 cm
Width 3 cm
Thickness 4 cm
Finishing 4D - 4-sided laminate
Application for the ceiling
for the wall
Weight 2.5 kg