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HDF board panel - Walnut

750NOK + VAT

Walnut acoustic wall panel is an elegant and extremely stylish decorative element, which fits mainly to modern interiors, but not only. It will work well in loft, glamour, rustic and many other styles. On one hand, these acoustic wooden panels are extremely original, but on the other hand, they are so universal and timeless that they can be used in any style. Walnut is by far the darkest and most distinctive color of all the wood shades available in our offer. Our HDF board acoustic panels can be easily mounted either on the wall or on the ceiling. The black HDF board is thick and the material is very dense, so it effectively soundproofs the room.


Color Walnut
Height 275 cm
Width 30 cm
Thickness 2 cm
Material HDF board
Finishing 4D - 4-sided laminate
Application for the ceiling
for the wall
Weight 7,5 kg 


Plate color: