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Veneered 3D Panel 60x60 - White Oak

270NOK + VAT

Acoustic wall slats in the attractive color of bleached oak are a solution created for extremely modern interiors, maintained in a minimalist style. The MDF slat has been covered with felt in a non-oiled version. Acoustic panels imitating bleached oak wood will be perfect not only for soundproofing office space, but also for rooms in the house, such as a living room decorated in Scandinavian style. An additional visual effect is created by gaps between individual slats, which look extremely interesting and can be an original addition to any space. Do not wait, today bet on veneered slats and gain soundproofing and proper acoustics of the entire room.

Color White oak
Height 60 cm
Width 60 cm
Thickness 1,9 cm
Material Felt
Finishing 1-sided veneer, raw (non-oiled)
Application for the ceiling
for the wall