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Veneered 3D Panel 60x60 - Black Oak

250NOK + VAT

Black oak veneered slats are a design solution created for spaces where sound is inappropriately propagated. Such acoustic panels perfectly quiet the specified space, and prevent the spread of echoes. This allows you to take care of certain duties in peace and concentration or fully indulge in relaxation. This type of solution is so versatile that it will successfully work in office buildings, hotels, as well as home spaces. Noteworthy are the several millimeters of free space between successive slats, which create a very interesting arrangement effect. The whole is set on recycled felt.

Color Black Oak
Height 60 cm
Width 60 cm
Thickness 1,9 cm
Material Felt
Finishing 1-sided veneer, raw (non-oiled)
Application for the ceiling
for the wall