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3D acoustic panel - Natural oak

420NOK + VAT

3D acoustic panels in the color of natural oak are an option for all those who want a timeless and at the same time highly original decoration of a wall or ceiling. Acoustic panels of this type are very easy to mistake for real, solid wood at first glance. These qualities will be appreciated by anyone who loves natural accents in interiors, thanks to which you can easily warm up the space and give it a unique character. The acoustic panels we offer on felt have dimensions of 60 cm by 60 cm and can be installed vertically, horizontally, as well as creating geometric patterns. In addition to great looks, the panels are very practical, optically enlarging, and also effectively soundproof the room.


Color Natural oak
Height 60 cm
Width 60 cm
Thickness 2,5 cm
Finishing 4D - 4-sided laminate
Application for the ceiling
for the wall
Weight 3 kg